Analyze & understand where your USERS GO.

Easily track your websites visitors and replay sessions to analyze user behavior. Change your website based off of data, recordings and usability.


Where do your users go?

Users Go makes it easy for business owners to see where the user behavior is by identifying the path of the consumer. We track pageviews, sessions, screen resolutions, countries, UTM parameters and more...


How do you understand the behavior?

Understanding your users is key to learning how to convert and improve your website. Find each visitors path and what they are clicking on your site without intruding the privacy of the user.


Why is real time visitor analytics important?

Watching a user interact on your website is important because it allows you to watch the path. If you just implemented something and want to see how users are behaving you can do that in real time!


How are you tracking the sessions without intruding the user?

The data we collect isn't tied to a single user. No IP addresses are collected. We use javascript to collect the data and we place an anonymous string to that session. Never revealing the users location and information. Privacy matters.


How are the sessions recorded?

If you enable recordings on sessions, our code looks for the mouse event on their session. Everything is kept anonymous. Passwords and vital information is not recorded.


How does heatmapping on my website work?

Following the users mouse and session allows us to record the interaction and where the "hot spots" are on your specific page. This can help you increase your future conversions with simple heatmapping technology.

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  • 1 Websites
  • 99K Pageviews per month, per website
  • 0 Visitors Events Tracking per month, per website
  • 0 Sessions Replays per month, per website
  • 3 Websites Heatmaps
  • No Ads
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  • 3 Websites
  • 249K Pageviews per month, per website
  • 399K Visitors Events Tracking per month, per website
  • 30 Days Data Retention for Visitors Events
  • 100 Sessions Replays per month, per website
  • 30 Days Data Retention for Sessions Replays
  • 3 Websites Heatmaps
  • No Ads
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Heatmapping on a Website - Eye Tracking Tool

Do you know where your users spend most of their time on your website? Do they have a lot of bounce or do they spend little time on your home page only to leave? If you're unsure how your users are spending their time on your website, then you lack the tools necessary to unlock vital information. Our heatmap website tool allows businesses to understand exactly where their users are concentrating their time. This allows them to make informative decisions and changes to their site. Here's why USERS GO can offer you the best website heatmap tools.

Providing Expert Heatmapping Tools

USERS GO is powered by SEO Locale, a company devoted to helping businesses improve their online presence. Whether it's through digital marketing or improving their online reputation, we give companies all of the tools they need to make decisions that will impact their consumer growth and profitability.

One of those tools is heatmapping. What's even better is that we offer a website heatmap free of charge.

What Our Website Heatmap Analytics Does Track

What does our software actually track? Our website heatmap accurately tracks the pageviews that a user performs. We can see what pages they travel to and how long they remain on those pages. Pageviews are an important aspect of information because the duration of the user's stay can be indicative as to if the website is performing well or lacking something.

For example, if a user only spends a short amount of time on a single page, then they may be trying to search for something that isn't there. This is further evidenced by a lack of follow-through on their part in ordering a service from the website. This can tell companies that the information they need to make clear to their consumers isn't that clear.

Another aspect that we track is sessions. Some of the information that you may expect with this information is how long they spend on your website as a whole. We can also tell which pages they go to during a session. An overview of their activity is helpful because it can tell business owners which parts of their website are working and which ones need a bit more help to become clear to them.

An interesting feature that we also provide is the screen resolution that the user is working with. This gives you a closer understanding of the consumer. Those with poor screen resolutions may be using cheaper pieces of technology. That demographic can then give you an understanding of who makes up your broader audience. This, in turn, can help you make marketing geared more closely towards them.

Screen resolution can also help you determine if your images are being seen with the greatest resolution or not. It may not be worth investing in huge graphics if the majority of your consumers can't even see them in great resolution.

Another way to better understand your audience is to know from which country they're from. That's another bit of information that we can send you. Our heatmap website tool also tracks the country that they reside in. This is helpful because knowing where the bulk of your consumers are from can help ensure that your marketing strategies are directed towards their culture.

It might also mean that you need to add some localization to your website. If your website only uses English, for example, but you notice that a good bulk of your consumers actually come from India or China, then it might be worth it to invest in localization options to make the website more friendly towards them.

We offer the best heatmap tool for website analytics that you could need.

What We Don't Track

While our website heatmap analytics are useful for gaining information, there are a few things that we don't track. We don't collect IP addresses. Instead, our Javascript just collects data of the user that we place an anonymous string to. We understand that users don't want to feel like their privacy is being invaded. If they do, then they're not likely to use your website.

You can assure your users that we don't track their personal information. The only information that they're sending to the software is where they visit on the website, how long they stay on each page, where their computer resides, and a few other minor details that are very important to you.

In a world that is very conscious of the power behind data collection, we want to make our website heatmapping non-invasive and non-problematic.

What Using a Website Heatmap Free Of Charge Can Do For You

When you want the best heatmap tool for website analytics, you need to consider USERS GO. Our heatmap website tool free is an effective way to understand how users your website. How does this help you?

Using a heatmap website app allows your website to collect non-invasive information that can inform various departments about things your website is doing right and wrong. One such way that it can help is with your marketing department. The website heatmap can show you if many consumers are heading towards the contact or product page on your site. If not, then maybe you need to think of other marketing strategies to drive them to those pages.

A heatmap website can also help you determine if certain promotions or coupons are helping your business. Are they placed in the right areas? Your heatmap website app might indicate that the code should be placed closer to the link that allows consumers to navigate to your store or appointment page.

Another way that a heatmap website can help is for your development department. Those who are responsible for building and maintaining the website typically have to do a lot in a short amount of time. It's easy to miss bugs or missing links. The information that a heatmap website tool free can provide could inform them of those problems.

Utilize Our Website Eye Tracking Heatmap Today

If you want the best website heatmap tools, then you need USERS GO. Our website eye tracking heatmap can completely change the way that you build and maintain a website. Finally, understand where your users spend their time on your site through website heatmapping. Contact our team to get started.